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Even though the orthodontic appliance looks the same for adults and children, the treatment may be completely different. There are many reasons why adults might have a different experience than children and teens, and some of those reasons are:

Adults have different oral health conditions
Adults tend to have tough oral bones that have stopped growing, which can make it difficult to shift and move the teeth. Yes, smile transformation is still possible, but it might require a little more time. Adults also suffer from dental issues that can add further complications to the treatment, like gum disease, bone loss, and aging tissue.

Adults don’t have much room
Oftentimes, adults don’t have enough room in their smile to shift teeth and correct a bite. If necessary, an oral surgeon or dentist will need to extract a tooth to make the transition possible. Because of this complication, many orthodontists aim to make the bite functional rather than perfect.

Adults might have extraction issues
If an adult has extracted a tooth in the past, it may be a bit difficult to move another tooth into its place. Closing the gap can be tough because the adult bone doesn’t generally respond to pressure the same way growing bone does. To help in this situation, your orthodontist may recommend placing prosthetic bone in the area.

These reasons do not mean that it is impossible to align your smile as an adult. Many adults take advantage of orthodontics each day, and they successfully achieve the smile of their dreams. So, if you’re interested in learning more about orthodontics in Price, Utah, or if you would like to talk to Dr. John R. Schouten about your possibilities of aligning your smile, call 435.637.0820 now. We are happy to help you!