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Did you know that there are specific branches of dentistry called orthodontics? Due to its complexity, it is essential that additional training is required in order to complete these treatments. For a better understanding of the basics of orthodontics and what orthodontists do, look below:

– Orthodontics is the practice of straight smiles, which concentrates on fixing and correcting ailments and bad bite disorders within your smile known as malocclusions.
– Orthodontists can provide services for both adults and children, so no smile is too old or too outgrown to have it straightened with the help of an orthodontic alignment.
– Orthodontic treatments can include aligners, braces, and retainers, all of which are designed to straighten teeth.
– Orthodontists are well trained beyond even dentists, as they require additional education beyond dental school.
– Although Orthodontists have many utensils at their disposal, they all work toward the singular effort of straightening teeth.
– Orthodontists are experts in their field as they can distinguish all the varieties of crooked teeth and can use all the technological advances in their field available at their fingertips to deliver a straighter smile.

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