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If you have a badly decayed tooth that may need an extraction, our team at Schouten Orthodontics will do our best to save the tooth if possible, but extensive damage may merit the removal of the tooth to preserve the remainder of your smile. Following the extraction of the tooth, important recovery tips will help you regain a healthy smile sooner.

— Follow all post-op instructions provided by our team following your extraction to help your smile heal as fast as possible.

— Get plenty of rest after your surgery to help your body recover. Don’t perform any strenuous exercises during this time.

— Refrain from tobacco use, as smoking will lengthen your recovery.

— An ice pack any any prescribed medication can help reduce excess swelling around the extraction site.

— For the first few days after an extraction, stick to a soft food diet and don’t chew one the side of the extraction. When consuming beverages, don’t use a straw for 48 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns about receiving a tooth extraction in Price, Utah, please do not hesitate to contact Schouten Orthodontics at 435.637.0820 today and arrange an initial consultation with our skilled orthodontist, Dr. John R. Schouten.