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Do you wish to improve the look of your teeth by getting them straightened? Are you looking to do this discreetly without the need of heavy metal brackets or potentially problematic wires and metal parts? Dramatically improve your oral health with Invisalign® aligners. With Invisalign, the following benefits can be yours:

– Invisalign ensures the perfect hold for your teeth they require, to slowly shift them back into place and achieve the straight smile you desire. Straighter smiles are even linked to a decrease in tooth decay and gum disease thanks to the ease at which they can be cleaned.
– Invisalign aligners can easily be removed and re-inserted as necessary.
– Because Invisalign orthodontic aligners are removable, there are no food restrictions or diets necessary. You can enjoy your favorite foods that you love by removing your aligners before eating.
– Invisalign aligners are made with a patented thermoplastic material that is virtually invisible to the naked eye, allowing your treatment to continue without many of your closest friends and family being able to detect it.

Come in and see for yourself the joys of Invisalign. To schedule an appointment at our orthodontic office in Price, Utah, call Schouten Orthodontics at 435.637.0820 and a member of our team will gladly assist you. Dr. John R. Schouten and our entire team look forward to helping you achieve the straighter smile you desire.