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Your braces were specifically designed to straighten your teeth. To do this, you will need to attend routine adjustment sessions where your braces will be tightened and tuned. Gradually, the tension applied to your teeth will cause the teeth to be pushed and pulled into alignment.

Tooth decay complications and treatment may interrupt the regular timing of these adjustments. This may also increase the amount of time needed to correct your smile. If you’ve been struggling to clean your teeth well enough, tell Dr. John R. Schouten. he can recommend special oral hygiene tools or techniques to help you uphold good oral hygiene.

Your adjustment appointments may also be used to repairing and replacing any part of your braces that might have suffered excess wear and tear. If you’ve noticed a problem, you will want to schedule your adjustment appointment to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Consistently showing up for your appointments is absolutely key; If you know of an upcoming scheduling conflict it would be best to set up a new time.

If you have had braces installed at Schouten Orthodontics in Price, Utah, and you need to reschedule an adjustment appointment, you can call 435.637.0820 to speak to a staff member at Schouten Orthodontics.