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If you have crooked or curved teeth, setting them straight with an orthodontic service such as braces is highly recommended, as straight teeth promote better self-esteem and a greater chance for perfect oral health.

Are you ready for your orthodontics treatment? For more information about orthodontic braces, consider the following:
– Crooked teeth have more gaps and are usually more difficult to clean and care for than teeth that have been corrected by braces.
– You are at a greater risk for spontaneous chips and fractures in your teeth if they are crooked and out of alignment. Reduce this risk with orthodontic braces.
– With braces, all the anxiety and stress that is found with crooked teeth can be washed away with straighter teeth.
– Oral health disorders such as TMD and bruxism can be cared for with the assistance of braces.
– Braces can straighten teeth and potentially enhance various mouth functions such as eating and speaking skills that have been affected by misaligned teeth.

If you are looking for orthodontic braces in Price, Utah, come see Schouten Orthodontics soon. To schedule an appointment with Dr. John R. Schouten, simply call our orthodontic office at 435.637.0820. With the help of our team and braces, the pathway to a straight smile can be yours.