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Malocclusions are known as bad bites or misalignments with your smile. For serious misalignments, corrective orthodontics treatments such as braces and aligners will be necessary to straighten your smile once again.

For a better understanding of the basics of malocclusions, listed below are some important facts about them:

– Overbites, also called upper protrusions or bulldog teeth, are malocclusions that transpire when the upper row of teeth juts out past the bottom row.
– Misplaced midlines are malocclusions that take place when the center of your upper teeth does not connect with the center of your lower teeth.
– Crossbites are malocclusions that happen when each jawbone fails to line up correctly.
– Spacing malocclusions are malocclusions that are the result of abnormal gaps and voids between teeth.
– Underbites, also called bulldog teeth, are malocclusions that form when the bottom row of teeth juts out past the upper row.
– Deep bites are malocclusions that act as severe types of overbites.
– Transposition malocclusions are malocclusions that come to pass beneath the gum line, resulting in teeth erupting in the wrong places.
– Rotation malocclusions are malocclusions that ensue when teeth are shifted out of alignment.

No matter which orthodontic service you choose, the real importance is the oral health benefits it can provide. If you would like Dr. John R. Schouten and our team at Schouten Orthodontics to bring you in for an orthodontic exam to determine which alignment treatment is best for you, please contact our orthodontic office in Price, Utah, by calling us at 435.637.0820. Come in today and improve your smile with our help.